Sam Nhlengethwa's home is a testament to his love for art and music

‘I got into art from an early age,” recalls artist Sam Nhlengethwa as he scours through his 7?000 vinyls to select one.

I meet him during an uncomfortable week for Gauteng: it’s bitterly cold and power outages plaguing the province don’t make matters easier. Despite this, as the lights flicker on and off, Nhlengethwa takes me through his house and – with great detail and patience – recaps his past. He finally settles on a Keith Jarrett record.

“I started my art collection in 1977 doing my first year at Rorke’s Drift Art Centre,” he says about the art school, whose alumni of famous South African artists will feature in an exhibition, Impressions of Rorke’s Drift – The Jumuna Collection, at the National Arts Festival, which began this week in Grahamstown.

The young Nhlengethwa painted his surroundings during his two-year fine arts diploma at the Rorke’s Drift Art and Craft Centre in KwaZulu-Natal.

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