About Us

Three friends, two generations, two continents.  One passion and one vision.
Fine point Galleries was born out of the single desire and passion of three friends to share their love and admiration for Fine Art. Together, they bring over 50 years of experience in the Art world as collectors, teachers, buying and selling, and, most importantly, telling stories.
David Carr holds an Honours degree in History of Art, and began working in one of Johannesburg’s influential Art galleries specialising in works on paper. However, it soon became apparent that the formality and stuffiness of the gallery environment seemed to detract from the fun and pleasure of the Art-buying process. “People felt intimidated and I always sensed that they wanted to see more, ask more, but felt uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place,” explains Carr. “I wanted to share my knowledge, my understanding and love for Art so that people bought the stories behind the images.’
It was then that he decided to start out on his own, from the relaxed environment of his own home, where clients could visit and, over tea or a glass of wine, see collections of international Art; understand the printmaking process; learn about the art of investing; and appreciate the unique beauty that is Art. For over twenty five years David has serviced an ever-growing clientele of Art buyers, from the novice first-time buyer to astute collectors and keen investors. “For me, the exciting challenge is educating people about the value of the Art, both aesthetically and as an investment. For many years, people ‒ even those that have collected for years ‒ have been unsure what to make of editions, what the numbers mean, how to authenticate a work, or understand the difference between a lithograph and an etching.”
David worked independently in the Art world until he met Nick Gorgoglione & Yiannis Stylianou. Nick is a senior digital marketing and brand specialist with over 10 years of experience helping global companies understand and make sense of the changing world around them. “Human interaction has evolved, and we no longer buy products or services. Rather, we buy stories and experiences. We want brands to engage with us, to encourage a dialogue; most importantly, we want them to share our values”

Yiannis is a premier London-based interior architect and owner of Studio Ypsilon, whose unique sense of aesthetics aims to incorporate his love for art into the lives and spaces of his clients. 

Despite coming from different backgrounds, one thing that David, Nick & Yiannis share is their passion for art and for stories. “Nick began encouraging me to recreate my model online, sharing, teaching, selling and bringing Art to as many people as possible. The thought filled me with dread. Initially, I was as lost online as I sensed some people are in the gallery”
“The online Art market is booming, with more and more people feeling confident to make important purchases online outside of the realm of the traditional gallery. However, they do still want the personal interaction that makes the Art-buying process so magical.”
That’s how Fine Point began: the creation of a trustworthy, relaxed, spontaneous, energetic environment where you can visit, look at Art, ask questions, gain insight and valuable tips on collecting, preserving, investing and buying Art.
We hope you will visit us again and again; we promise to make your Art journey an unforgettable one.

David, Nick & Yiannis