Fine Point Galleries offers a comprehensive consulting service that allows both the novice and the established collector an opportunity to gain more information about Art, print making, collecting and investing in Art. 

If you would like more information on any of the artists that we represent, or, indeed, any artist that you may have an interest in, we would be happy to assist you. This extends to any aspect of the print making process, the medium that the artist uses, the edition numbers, and the way that works are numbered and signed. We believe that no question is irrelevant, and that no query should go unanswered.   We wish to share our joy and enthusiasm for Art, and believe that knowledge is the greatest starting point. Despite the amount of information that is available, it is often hard simply to find the right answer and a personal response. We aim to answer these questions for you, and where we can’t, we will find out who can.

We are able to source any edition Artwork through our international network of dealers, galleries and private sellers. 

We offer access to our vast and extensive database of auction results and current values of an Artwork. If the work that you hold has been previously traded on any auction, we can provide you with an accurate valuation and information concerning its sale history. 

It has been suggested that in order to appreciate Art one needs to understand it. Paradoxically, it is said that Art cannot be understood at all, but rather needs simply to be experienced and appreciated for itself. We hope that on this site we are able to accommodate this paradox, so that you will be able to understand, experience and gain knowledge about the Art and ultimately make sound investments in what is surely the most enjoyable and life-enriching fashion.